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Fibre Wash for your machine washable yarns!

Fibre Wash for your machine washable yarns!

Years ago it seemed as though the only machine washable yarns were the acrylics you found in the big craft stores. Now more and more higher end yarns in natural fibres  are labeled as machine washable. Take it from me: machine washable does not mean toss it in with your jeans and wash it in hot water and dry it on high. Don’t ask how I know. I was very young…

Machine washable yarns usually need to be washed on the gentle cycle and laid flat to dry. Honestly, even if they say they can be dried in the machine, I would still lay them flat to dry.

Now, did you know you can use Fibre Wash in your machine? My daughters and I have many hand made knit and crochet pieces of clothing that are made from washable yarns. We love to wear them. I have a special laundry bag just for those items, and when it is full enough (or someone wants to wear something that is in it) I toss it all in the gentle cycle and use Fibre Wash in place of my regular laundry detergent. I love the results!


You can also use Fibre Wash for any of you machine washables, not just the yarnie ones! If you need to wash your non-machine washables, such as wool sweaters, you can see our washing guide, we even have a washing guide for cloth diapers!

Now that I’ve shared that tip, lets talk about meeting up in person! That’s right, TNNA is a few short days away and we are busily getting ready. Stop by booth 632 and say “Hi!” If you want a little goodie, hop on over to this post and see how to get one. 😉

We will share booth pictures with you later. Don’t forget that we would love to hear your Unicorn Fibre stories, you can see the details here.


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