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Lots of love!!

Lots of love!!

We love love! It’s always a thrill when you email us, or post on Facebook or Ravelry or somewhere else and tell us how much you love our products. We’ve collected some of your lovely testimonials to share today. Please feel free to share this blog post with your friends and colleagues who may find use in our products. For those who want a scent free version of our products (which normally have a lavender scent), we have the beyond line: perfect for cloth diapers and baby clothing and accessories. I know I like to pre-wash baby gifts before I give them, and I certainly use the Unicorn products to do so. You could even include a little gift set of the beyond products to give with the gift.

So now, without further ado, here are some testimonials and pictures to show off our fabulous products!!

power scour clean

Beyond Clean is the best! My 11 month old got juice from an orange all over one of his dress shirts. I had washed it twice already in my normal detergent and it was still stained. It accidentally made its way into a load of diapers and it looks brand new!! – Nicole G.

cat pee on dog bed

It was a dreary day and I was experiencing what I call “fiber deprivation” so I remember the products I’d promised to test. I tested them, and with my hands still damp from the rinse water, I ran to the phone (I’m pretty sure it was on a Saturday or Sunday) and although I thought that I’d reach her answering machine….she answered the phone! I almost screamed into the phone, “Anna, it’s Connie Alexander! I just finished washing a baby alpaca fleece AND I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!” I was almost out of breath I was so excited! I tested it on my Huacaya and then tested it on Suri….OH MY GOODNESS…the dirt that this product eliminated was nearly unbelievable. I even took some yarn that I’d previously washed in my “former favorite Louet product” and Holy Toledo the dirt that was released, from this already washed four times yarn, was also nearly unbelievable, it was as though the yarn had never been washed!

Please, take it from someone whose “been there, did that”, don’t let down all of those sheep, bison, alpacas, goats, rabbits, and silk worms who’ve worked so hard all year to grow the best fiber they can for you, protect their fiber from harsh chemicals that can damage their hard work and leave you disappointed.

The “Fiber Wash” products absolutely remove the dirt without hurting the fiber!!!!! DIRT IS GONE…..ONLY FIBER REMAINS!!!!! Soft, luxurious fiber!

And, oh, if you don’t make any products, and have natural fiber sweaters in your possession, trust me, these products are just as great and gentle on already made products too!

Don’t take my word for it…be skeptical…try it yourself! –Connie A, Crossroads Alpaca Farm

Wine on lace

Ok, I’m sold!
I washed two cashmere sweaters this weekend and they are absolutely irresistible.
It’s fabulous, we definitely need to get this into the hands of people who will go “Wild” over the softness.
Who needs diamonds when you can enjoy the luxury of Unicorn Fibre Rinse? – Linda C., Wildfibers Magazine

Spaghetti stain

My friend gave me some samples of the unicorn wash for my child’s wool diaper covers/pants. I’ve been using another brand of wool wash for about 2 years. That said, I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER WOOL WASH EVER AGAIN!!! The filth that had built up in my woolies was disgusting and Unicorn washed all that dingy, nastiness right away. The colors were brighter, the fiber was softer, they smelled so much better. I even took a picture of my wash water to show my friend because I was in such disbelief. Thank you for such an awesome product!!! – Heather P. – Heather provided us with the image below⇓

Heather P. Image

I recently got back from my Level I class in Olds College’s Master Spinner Course in Davis, OK. Thank you so much for donating small packs of your wash and rinse as door prizes! I’ve seen your ads many times, but never got around to trying your products. I won a pack, and just used it for the first time on a 2 pound shawl I spun, knit, and dyed black. It worked beautifully!

It got the excess dye out, and the rinse gave it a gentle soft fragrance and hand that were a delight to experience. Thank you again, and I look forward to purchasing your products, as soon as I can pick a retailer! – Erin H.

before and after using Power scour

Thank you so much for all the love!! We love all of our customers and are thankful for you every day.

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