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A Unicorn craft and a fun new look!!


Hello friends! You may have noticed some changes in your recent orders of our awesome Unicorn products. The bottles are a bit different! The labels have changed and the tops are now these round pop lids instead of the pump lids. Aren’t they pretty?

Unicorn 3-16 oz bottles Jan16

We are quite happy with the look. Those fun round pop tops even inspired a craft! They can be used in various ways, but one fun idea is to use them as tops for tassels. The tassels can be used to decorate inside or out, on your holiday trees, and in various crafts. There is a great video tutorial that shows how to make these tassels over at Jessie At Home! If you pop over there quickly, there is a giveaway for some of our products. The giveaway ends on 8/22 at the end of day, so go enter before it’s too late!

Unicorn Tails - Video Tutorial by Jessie At Home

Next month we will also have a revamped website, with new images and lots of awesome resources! We think you’re going to love it. There will be clear tutorials on how to use all our products, cleaning tutorials for raw wools and fibers, cleaning fabrics, cleaning specific items, removing stains, and removing odors. The new site will be a comprehensive laundering and fiber washing resource in addition to being the place to go to order your Unicorn products.


As for those products, they are the same amazing products they have always been. While our look is changing to reflect our fairy tail clean theme, our products are NOT changing. So no worries, inside our shiny new packaging is still the same products you have come to love and trust. So keep on cleaning Happily Ever After!



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