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Power Scour to the rescue!

Power Scour to the rescue!

Have you ever had to demote one of your favorite items of clothing to “housecleaning attire” thanks to a stain? I sure have. Specifically a comfy summer dress and a nice cream tunic. I’ve worn and washed both items many times since the stains happened, but just around the house. Earlier this month, I had an epiphany: Power Scour might be able to fix them!!

Let me show you. Here is the dress. I think those are cooking oil stains, but I’m not too sure. When I wear it, they are really obvious.


Now the cream tunic. There is a tiny dot that sometimes looks like a shadow, but other times, depending on the light, it is really obvious and embarrassing.


Both of these stained garments have been washed and dried with their stains many times. However, I had faith. So I put some Power Scour directly on the stains and rubbed it in a bit. I then filled a bowl with hot water and more Power Scour and let them soak for about half an hour.

Next I simply ran them through the washer and dryer and thought happy thoughts. Can you guess what happened?


All clean!!!! I promise that’s the same dress, it’s just the light change from taking the photo later in the day that caused the color to look different.

I went to a conference last week and I wore the tunic. I wore the dress to the grocery store yesterday. I am a happy camper!

So, take a look in your closet, maybe you have some clothing that you can give new life to with Power Scour.


Would you like a chance to win a set of Fibre Wash, Fibre Rinse, and Power Scour, along with an adorable plus baby unicorn named Blossom? Well, hop on over to Jessie At Home and enter her giveaway – CLICK HERE. Good luck!

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