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Unicorn Fibre Contest Entries!

Unicorn Fibre Contest Entries!

_WLS1748_92717__86791.1418508441.1280.1280We received many excellent posts and videos, and we want to know which one you think deserves the 16 ounce gift set prize. Please vote in the comments.


First the videos. Well, there is only one that is eligible, from Mary at Camaj Fiber Arts, so the element of suspense is missing, but watch it anyway, it is terrific!

There is another one that is not eligible, because Melanie can give herself free product whenever she likes, but it is also worth a watch, and inspired me to use Unicorn Power Scour on those spots my older dog has made on our carpeting.

I can’t really blame Rooney…I would not want to go outside either with the frigid temperatures we have had!

Hop on over to the Unicorn Fibre Facebook page to see Melanie’s video.

Now, on to the blog post entries…Here are links to our finalists:

1. Washing a Bison with a Unicorn, from Moldavitesofa

2. What’s Good for the Sheep…, from The Spinning Loft

3. Unicorn Power Scour vs Dish Detergent, a Wooly Comparison, from The Elusive Thread blog

4. Power Scour v Dish Washing Detergent for Washing Fleece, from Nearly There blog

So, for voting, just tell us in the comments which blog post entry you like the best (and why, if you like) and please do mention if these lovely posts and videos give you any good ideas!

Thanks to all of our entrants, and we will tally up results after voting ends on March 15 at 9am Eastern time, and then announce the winner!

23 responses »

  1. Moldavitesofa

  2. I would like to vote for MoldaviteSofa’s Washing a bison with a unicorn.

  3. Washing a Bison With A Unicorn!

  4. My vote goes for Washing a Bison with a Unicorn. I love the storytelling voice in the post. It sells me on the quality of Unicorn products with personality and humor. Well done!

  5. I vote for “Washing a Bison With a Unicorn” because it made me laugh, to be honest. 🙂

  6. I cast one vote for Washing a Bison with a Unicorn, because I had so much fun putting the post together. 🙂

  7. #1! Washing a Bison with a Unicorn, from Moldavitesofa

  8. One vote for washing a Bison with a Unicorn

  9. Have to vote for Moldavitesofa, not only was it great, we love her! (and are slightly biased)

  10. One vote for Moldavitesofa 😊

  11. Have to vote for Moldavitesofa, I trust her review.

  12. I’m voting for Washing a Bison with a Unicorn, from Moldavitesofa. She’s made stuff for me before and that Unicorn fibre wash is quite nice.

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