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Unicorn Blog and Video Contest!

Do you love Unicorn Fibre Wash products? Are you an experimenter? Are you good at blogging or videography? We want to see more of what real people (US residents only, for this contest. Sorry everyone else, it’s a shipping thing.) do with our products, so we are running a contest for the best blog post and best video featuring your Unicorn Fibre uses, impressions, and results. Show off your crafty skills and cleaning expertise!


This could be:
washing a raw fleece
washing anything dirty
washing your fine washables
getting out a tough stain
blocking something handmade
finishing handspun skeins of yarn
washing your handknits
other uses that have not occurred to us

Capture your success with Unicorn Fibre products in photos or video. This could be a step by step tutorial blog or video, or just some before and after shots of something really dirty, with the detailed story of your experience. We will pick a few finalists in each category (video and pictorial blog) and then post those on our blog and Ravelry forum for voting.


Whoever gets the most “likes” or votes in each category will win a set of 16 oz bottles of Unicorn Fibre Wash, Unicorn Fibre Rinse, and Unicorn Power Scour.

Nuts and bolts:
First, find some Unicorn Fibre product.

Sampler Set


This may be under your sink, in the laundry room, at your LYS, at a fiber festival, or you can buy from an online dealer. Click here for our store locator. What? You don’t have any yet? You can always ask us to send you free sample packets.


Next, make your photo essay blog post or video using one or more of our products. Please show the product packaging, and tell us where you got it. Your submission should include a description of the results you are expecting and your impressions of the products.

Post your blog or video entry on your own channels. Send us a link to your post or video to unicornfibrecontests at gmail dot com. If you don’t have a blog or a Youtube channel, see if any of your friends want you to guest post, otherwise, we will accept a text document with photos and we may run the post on the Unicorn Fibre blog. We will choose a few finalists from both categories–video and pictorial blog–and post them on our Ravelry group, and Unicorn Fibre blog for comment votes and “likes.”

Washing a fleece and a lace shawl that fell in a puddle? You may enter as many times as you like.

The more, the merrier! If you collaborate with friends for your video or blog post, we can split the prize for up to 4 people (4-4 ounce sets of Fiber Wash, Rinse, and Power Scour.)

Submissions are welcome until March 6 at 8pm Eastern Time. Voting will begin when finalists are posted on our Ravelry and blog on March 7, and will end March 15 at 9am Eastern time. Feel free to get all of your family and friends to vote for your submissions. Prize winners will be determined and announced March 16 and you will be contacted by email to make shipping arrangements.


IMAG0190 (2)

Please include with your submission: Your first name, the state where you live, the best email to reach you, and the store or other source where you bought your Unicorn Fibre products.

Sending in the link to your entry assumes you give us permission to link to your posts and videos across all of our social media channels.

Let me know if you have any questions, help spread the word if you know anyone who will be interested, and don’t forget to have fun with this!


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  1. Oh, I’m in!

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