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The Woolery loves Spinzilla — and Unicorn Fibre, too!

The Woolery loves Spinzilla — and Unicorn Fibre, too!

With Spinzilla’s team formation in full swing, we here at Unicorn Fibre had the opportunity to briefly chat with fellow Spinzilla sponsor (and longtime customer) The Woolery. We spoke to Chris Miller, who co-owns the Frankfort, KY-based shop with his wife, Nancy.

UF: Chris, you’ve been a Unicorn Fibre customer for a while now. Do you recall when and how The Woolery first learned of our products?

CM: We were selling similar products from other manufacturers, and our customers kept requesting Unicorn’s Power Scour. We have used the products ourselves, since we test and stock most of the products offered on our website. The Unicorn fiber wash products all performed very well. 

UF: We’re a “Merino”-level sponsor of Spinzilla this year, but you’re taking it a step further with #TeamWoolery as a “Yak” sponsor, which is the highest level. What is it about this event that draws The Woolery to participate? 

CM: Last year, #TeamWoolery spun a total of 74,593 yards and was in the Top 5 teams for most yardage spun. We offered some fantastic, fibery prizes for our team members last year, and this year we’re planning even more exciting events and prizes for those spinning on our team.

But as for what draws us to Spinzilla: As you know, all the money raised from participant registration fees will be donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program. The Woolery strives to be a part of the fiber arts community, and it is part of our mission to strongly support the organizations and guilds that work so hard to keep the crafts alive for future generations. As a matter of fact, we just launched our Guilds Reward and our Woolery Humanitarian & Community Outreach Grant program. 

UF: That’s great, congratulations — and go #TeamWoolery!

CM: Thanks. Spinner signups are happening now through Sept. 22, so we encourage everyone to sign up online as soon as possible!

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