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These boots are made for walkin’ — once more!

Isabella, a customer in the UK, recently bought a gift set of product from Unicorn Fibre’s sister company that focuses on leather cleaning and restoration, Leather Therapy. The set consists of 16 oz. of Leather Infusion Wash, 16 oz. of Leather Infusion Rinse,  2 oz. of Leather Therapy Restorer, a mesh washing bag and a complete washing instruction brochure.

It seems that Isabella’s beloved, and nearly new, boots got “into a terrible state over the winter, sitting in the bottom of a cupboard in an unheated room (inside the house, but it is very damp here right by the sea). It was very distressing seeing them like this, and I thought I may have lost them,” she relates.

“However, as you will see, the restoration has been a complete success,” Isabella continues. “There are a very few tiny white specks left where the mold had really taken hold, but they are hardly noticeable unless you look for them. Everything else has disappeared! Hooray!”

And since a picture’s worth 1,000 words — well, Isabella gave us 6,000 worth. We couldn’t be happier at her success, and thought we’d share with our Unicorn Fibre fans because it’s just about that time to get the boots out of the closet. You can bring them back to life quickly and easily!

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