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Her one and only fibre wash

Here’s another happy customer sharing her experience of using Unicorn Fibre products. Thanks for spreading the word, Ada!

My new one-and-only fiber wash

Product: Fibre Wash (16oz)
Posted By: Ada

A while back, I acquired some handspun mohair from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it was filthy and smelly, but for some reason I kept it. I tried washing it with other fiber washes, but with little success. I got a free sample of all three Fibre products and tried them: – First, Power Scour – within just a few moments, dirt almost poured out of the yarn. I could not believe it.

I followed with Fibre Wash – again more dirt came out – and then the Fibre Rinse just let the yarn bloom. It is such a beautiful, natural color now …and so soft, I can’t believe it.

I’ve now just ordered 16 oz. bottles of each product – and can’t wait to rewash all of my daughter’s knit stuff that just came home from college (and which hadn’t been washed for an entire school year). This is now my one and only fibre wash product!!

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