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Go away, grease!

Tess Farley, from Hastings, Neb., recently shared on Ravelry about her experience washing and drying a half-Romney, half-Blue-face Leister fleece:

“It had a lot of grease, grass and small sticks in it,” she notes, and then, posting these photos (that she has also shared with us!) …




“Here it is coming out of the washing machine and then going onto the electric Hamilton Beach sweater dryer. I used Power Scour to wash it, which is great stuff. The fleece came out very fluffy and clean. It should go through the picker and come out looking great.”

She went on to tell us directly, “In the past I have used Tide, Dawn, and Orvus, but none of them performed as fast and as well as the Power Scour! The fleece I used it on was the greasiest I have ever had, and the Power Scour effectively removed all the grease without damaging the fleece.”

That’s music to our ears. Thanks for sharing, Tess!

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  1. That was my experience with my first fleece–a brown romney with a little white on the shoulders. It was very difficult to clean and still has a bit of an unpleasant aroma. I’m looking forward to using the unicorn products on my liecester longwool and I appreciate that Unicorn gives you a sample of their products–which is a plus for a newbie like me.
    I also was impressed with the drying rack that was used. Where did you get it. It seems a perfect size for a person with limited space. I wouild very much appreciate a reply on this subject, thank you in advance.

    • unicornfibreteam

      Looks like you can find similar drying racks on Amazon, or at Target and other stores. It looks like a nice thing to have. I made a drying rack out of picture frames and screen material. I used it to cure garlic from my garden, but I may as well dry fleece on it next time!


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