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‘As Wool is Her Witness,’ She’s a Power Scour Convert

Sherri Cox tells us she’s both a fiber arts enthusiast and an “absolute Power Scour convert.” Thanks to her pusher — er, supplier, Barbara Thomas, (threadsthrutime on Ravelry), Sherri has tried all of our products with fantastic results. And she’s spreading the word… just look at what she posted on Ravelry recently:

I recently gave the Unicorn brand of fleece and fiber wash and rinse a test drive and I can say I am in love, absolute love, with this line of product. So far everything I have thrown at it has come amazingly clean, and amazingly fast. Even my higher lanolin content Bond fleece has turned out soft and fluffy with very little effort. The biggest bonus is my house does not smell like wet sheep! Right now (mid-January) we are experiencing cool and damp weather. Really not the best weather to be washing fleece. Cool and damp means the fleece has to dry in the house, which normally means wet sheepy smell all throughout the house. Something my family is not real keen on. The Unicorn product has a really nice fresh clean scent. As wool is my witness I will never wash my fleece in Dawn again. That’s how much I love this product.

Power Scour is for raw, greasy fleece. The Fibre Wash is for finer, non greasy fleece, such as alpaca, bison, qiviut, and angora, and also for the care of your knitwear. And the Fibre Rinse helps restore the ph and helps with anti-static. The Fibre Rinse can also be used in a spray bottle, in a mix of 5 parts water to 1 part rinse, for anti-static spray when you are combing, or carding your fleece. If you haven’t tried the Unicorn product, give it a try. I think you will really like it.

And to us, she concludes: “Thanks for making a such a wonderful product. It certainly makes processing our own fleeces so much more pleasant.” Thank YOU for being a wonderful customer, Sherri!

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