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Power Scour makes the ‘impossible’ possible

Susan McFarland of Susan’s Fiber Shop called us recently to share her story of an alpaca fleece in terrible condition, with “rock-like sections” and terribly greasy dirt. The owner of this fleece said it was from a prize animal, and she knew that Susan could “clean anything.” After looking it over, Susan wasn’t as convinced.

After trying all the techniques that had worked before to scour raw fiber, Susan was ready to toss the fleece out. Then, as is the case many times with a new way to tackle a problem, she saw a sample of Power Scour. The small sample pack went into a new tub of water with the “impossible” fleece.

The next morning, Susan tells us, she was shocked to see all the dirt on the bottom of the tub and a nice, clean fleece! She just couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t sure that it needed another washing! That’s when she gave us a call, and we’re happy to now have her as one of our biggest fans.

If you have a Unicorn Fibre products story to share with us, please drop us a line. Photos are welcome, too. Have a wonderful weekend!


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