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Mary had her lamb, Anna has her Madame

Anna had Jolie Madame, with fleece NOT white as snow. 

And everywhere that Anna went, Jolie would surely go. 

Jolie Madame went to the barn, and Anna sheared all her wool.

She cleaned it up with Fibre Wash, to restore its pretty hue!


Jolie Madame is a show animal, and her baby fleece micron count was 16. Precious “Royal Baby” fiber, so lustrous and soft. We only needed a bit of Fibre Wash to clean this fleece for processing. Keep in mind that the wrong product could “lay down” and make fibre heavy, or could be too harsh, resulting in a disruption in the fibre cuticle and diminishing its strength.

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  1. margheritaarrighi72

    I love this animal…where are you…?

    • unicornfibreteam

      How wonderful to hear from you. We live in Virginia now — next to Mary’s farm. Jolie Madame was very dear to me. She’s so sweet — and beautiful! So glad she found a great home. Maybe you’ll come visit. Check out


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