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A doggone good case for Fibre Wash

This is the time of year when the holiday rush can get the best of us — and our furry friends. We recently heard from Bonnie, whose chocolate-loving puppy nearly ruined her Oriental rug. Once again, it was Fibre Wash to the rescue! Here’s Bonnie’s tail… er, tale:

Our terrier, Tasha, craves chocolate. We had some hot cocoa one afternoon, then forgot about the cocoa powder sitting on the counter when we left for dinner. Fast-forward to our return home, and there is the dog, looking very pleased with herself. She took the canister off the counter and into the living room where she gnawed the cardboard canister open.

There were several large spots where powder piles had landed, then been licked off (and into) the rug. Her tongue turned the powder into a paste and then pushed it into the rug. Most of the stains were, of course, on the lighter colored parts of the rug, not the darker areas.

First things first: Bonnie had to get Tasha to throw up the chocolate, because it can be lethal to dogs. Once that unpleasant task was taken care of, she was able to get back to the task at hand. She picks up the story from there:

I started with my usual go-to rug spotter, which I tamped into the carpet and hoped for the best. The next morning, there was an even worse dried paste. It reminded me of the flour and water paste we used to make for craft projects when we were kids (and also feed to our terrier, but that’s another story). Now what? I scraped the dried paste off the surface as best I could, and then turned to Google. Step one for “chocolate stain on wool” was the useful reminder that I was dealing with a “fat” stain, and should start with a mild detergent solution.

That’s when I remembered that I still had a bit of the sample of Fibre Wash you sent me. I figured if it could clean dirty alpaca wool, it might work on the rug.

Yes! It was like using an eraser! I dampened an old terry washcloth, wrung it out, and started wiping. The chocolate came out without any scrubbing, and the carpet looks better than ever!

We’re glad to hear it, Bonnie — and we hope Tasha gets lots of doggy-appropriate treats in her stocking this year to keep her off the naughty list!

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