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Don’t give up!

While we are happy to report that the vast majority of our customers find success with Unicorn Fibre products from the start — and, in fact, are always finding new ways to use them (who knew we could save an antique quilt after a mother cat had kittens on it?) — we are humble enough to admit that every so often, we get that dreaded phone call of … “It’s not working.”

Sometimes it’s a matter of environmental conditions; sometimes it’s a matter of adjusting the process. But nearly every time, thankfully, we’re able to walk the customer through — and through the process of elimination, we can get to the root of the obstacle and find a way to overcome it.

Environmental conditions, such as using hard water or working with fleece that has heavy burdens of soil/mineral deposits, are small, but important issues that we will address in a future blog post. More often than not, though, going through the process to find a misstep is all it takes for that “Eureka!” moment.

For example, one customer was disappointed in her results, and called to let us know. We wanted to turn her back into a satisfied customer, so we went over what she did to see if there was something that could have contributed to the poor showing. Through our interview, we came to find out she was washing 3 pounds of fiber in a tub filled with 50-gallons of water — and 3 ounces of Power Scour. (We’re good, but we’re not that good!)

We asked her to try again, this time diluting the 3 ounces of Power Scour with just 5 gallons of water. Just as we had hoped, she called back delighted with the results.

A large commercial customer, who recently gave us that “It’s not working” shiver up our spines, realized he had done a couple things incorrectly, including too large an amount of product and the wrong temperature.  After talking it through with us on the phone, then trying the process again after our conversation, he called back.

“I wanted to tell you I’m really pleased, and grateful for your help,” he said. “We were misusing the product, and now I realize we only need to use 5 gallons of Power Scour.  With the (competitive) scouring product, we were used to using 35 gallons  to clean the same amount of fiber!”

We do our best to ensure that the directions we give on our product labels, packaging and accompanying brochures are as clear and concise as possible. But we also realize old habits (35 gallons? Whoa!) are hard to break, as is going with the old adage of “If a little is good, a lot is great!” So please don’t be bashful if you think you made a mistake along the way and want to figure it out — give us a call and we’ll do our best to help. We’d rather work a little harder to ensure your success than to see you become anything less than a satisfied customer.

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