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Chiengora Challenge

It’s spring, so it’s shearing time! Alpacas, sheep, and even dogs with heavy coats get sheared around the Unicorn Fibre headquarters.

Did you know that some people save their dog’s hair to braid? It’s called chiengora when spun into yarn. (It sounds fancier than “Fido’s fur,” doesn’t it?) In fact, it’s said to be 80% warmer than sheep wool! Check out Chiengora Fibers, a company who makes it their business to process your dog’s hair and turn it into luxurious yarn.

If you  want to try out spinning a pile of your pet’s hair into fibre, grab your bottle of Unicorn Fibre Wash to soak the hair in first to deodorize and condition it, then use Unicorn Fibre Rinse to make it ready to play with!

Now here’s the fun part… the Chiengora Challenge! If you decide to create some Chiengora fibre of your own, tell us about it! You might just end up a winner of the Unicorn Fibre Rinse & Wash Gift Sampler Set. Simply email us your experience (500 words or less) of how you used Unicorn Fibre products to create your own stash of chiengora.

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