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Unicorn Rides to Merino’s Rescue

Mike Perry wrote us recently from the UK, to tell us how delighted he was with his sample of Power Scour. We’ll let him tell the tale… 

For ages now, I’ve struggled to get Merino clean. I can do it, but it takes loads of washing liquid and even more washes for the rinse as the liquid doesn’t want to budge.

With the sample, I used the greasiest Merino fleece that I own, and the greasiest Cormo, washing 75g wool in a mesh bag, and used 60° C (140° F) water and 3% of Unicorn Power Scour.

I did five washes total, and I now have wonderful clean wool that took half the time to clean — and which didn’t mean I had to boil kettles. Also, for the first time ever: NO COMPACTING OR FELTING!

So, Unicorn has me well and thoroughly won over. I couldn’t rate this product highly enough! Thank you so much! I’ll most definitely be ordering from you in the future. You have a truly outstanding product!

Mike, we’re glad you love it — and thanks for sharing your story. Like other wool when first shorn, raw Merino fleece has a high level of lanolin, as well as skin cells, sweat, dirt, and even stuff from the dirt like pesticide residue, food bits, etc. No wonder, then, that when it’s straight off an animal, it is known as “wool in the grease”!

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  1. I would love to try a sample of Unicorn Power Scour on some alpaca fleece that looks pretty hopeless at the moment, but I can’t seem to find any way to get it in the UK. Is there a free sample program on this side of the Atlantic?


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