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Give your rugs a hug…

Unicorn Fibre products have become synonymous with getting yarn skeins and finished knitting and crochet projects sparkling clean, but every so often we hear about it being used for other items, as well! On our Facebook page, we recently showcased a mom of a solider home on leave from the Middle East, who wanted to wear his favorite jeans so badly but they had a permanent grease stain. We’re pleased to report that our Power Scour saved the day!

Paul Moskal, owner of Airloom Oriental Rug Washing Co., loves our products!

Since then, we’ve received another unusual testimonial — this time from Paul Moskal, owner of Airloom Oriental Rug Washing Co. in Tucson.

Paul writes, “I have been using the Unicorn Fibre product line for a couple of years now. The Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse have become a staple to my rug washing process because I can trust them not only to clean, but make the wool have a nice hand after washing. My customers have been telling me for the last couple years, ‘our rugs didn’t look and feel this good when we bought them.’  I would not use anything else, and I never run out.”

Whether it’s denim, wool rugs or even that cardboard box of yarn stashed in your garage just hoping to come back to life after years of dust, mold and neglect — our products can truly be fiber’s best friends.

Do you have a story to share with us? It could bring you a FREE Unicorn Fibre products Gift Set! Call or email us ( today!

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