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Another Great Reason to Always Have Unicorn!

I’ll follow up to this post with some “results” photos.

My DH was bored today so we decided to get out for lunch and some light errands.  It’s a nice, rainy, late December day in Pittsburgh and the grocery store was busy.  So I was nominated to run in for the plum tomatoes and cat food we decided we needed.  No problems there.  I got through the self-checkout and out to the curbside pickup just in time to jump into the car.   I felt like we were making a clean getaway.  But then DH told me that my scarf had been hanging halfway out the car door for part of the time that I was in the store.  Points to him for noticing and rescuing it, but who knows what kind of environmental hazards it was exposed to!  Mud, motor oil (gasp) or other garbage.  EEK!  After my recent destash of almost all of my personal yarn (I have enough “work yarn” to keep me busy for at least this lifetime,) I kept only the most special skeins in my collection.  One skein was a Tanglewood Fiber Creations Cashmere Silk in Lavender Moon (yum!) that I was holding onto until I found just the right pattern for it.  I swatched multiple times over the two or so years this skein lived in my collection, and nothing was quite doing it for me.  It turned out that the right project was the ingeniously simple Hitchhiker Scarf.  And it turned out that this precious pile of pure pleasure was  dragged for at least a few minutes through the Giant Eagle parking lot.  Double eek!

No worries, though–Unicorn products to the rescue!  Upon inspection, my treasure didn’t seem too oily or dirty, so I decided on a Unicorn Fibre Wash, followed by a Fibre Rinse refresh.  If I had noticed any bad oil or stains, after I stopped weeping, I would have reached for the Unicorn Power Scour, which is especially made to take bad stuff out of the finest animal fibers.

Now with more bowls of soaking knitwear!

So, I’ll give this a good final rinse and show it to you when it dries.  Stuff happens.  When stuff happens to your special knitwear, make sure you have some Unicorn products on hand.  Disaster averted!  Have you experienced any episodes like this?

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I am Andrea Marquis, a manufacturer's rep in the fine handknitting yarn industry. I carry several high-end, boutique lines and I partner with the best yarn shops in Western PA, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Maryland. I am a lazy gardener and I love snorty little dogs

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