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Ravelry Member Discount on Unicorn Fibre Products!

Labor Day Ravelry special!  Here’s the perfect opportunity to get some fiber washing done before the weather gets too chilly.  ( I know, why did I have to say that!?)

Are you a member of Ravelry and a fan of Unicorn Fibre Products?  Or maybe you have been curious to try them but needed that extra something to push you over the edge?  Now’s your chance to save 10% off of your Unicorn order between now and noon EST September 11, 2011.  Just tell us your Ravelry name and use discount code RAV when you order.

This is for Mills, Online Retailers, Brick and Mortar shops, and also for end users who do not have a local buying option.  Mills and Retailers, contact your Unicorn sales representative.  If you do not have a rep, please leave a comment if you are interested and I will get in touch with you.

Happy Scouring, Washing, and Rinsing!

About YarnSuperhero

I am Andrea Marquis, a manufacturer's rep in the fine handknitting yarn industry. I carry several high-end, boutique lines and I partner with the best yarn shops in Western PA, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Maryland. I am a lazy gardener and I love snorty little dogs

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  1. Excellent! I need to restock.


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