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Unicorn Products in Action–a click tour

I was on vacation recently and then took a short sales trip.  Now I’m home and trying to catch up on So Many Things.  I don’t have any new photos, even, except for some beach-puppy shots of my dog Rooney.

So, my sort of lazy solution to a blog post is to reference other people’s posts.

Many knitters and spinners have done side-by-side comparisons with the Unicorn Products and other cleaners.  We love this, and invite anyone to try their own head-to-head experiments.  Even better if you blog about it!  Here are some links to product use blog posts.

(If you are tempted to do this yourself, please ask us for free samples of any of the products and let us know your results!)  Here are my trusty Unicorn supplies in their home, right above the kitchen sink.  The sunflower picture frame is a bit of foreshadowing.

Here is an all-star listing of some Unicorn Products fans:

Beth Smith from Spinning Loft in Howell, Michigan.  Beth’s shop has everything you need and want.  She is smart, sparkly, and pretty.  She is one of 3 people who are allowed to be the Boss of Me.  Pretty much anything she says, I will do.

See the dramatic difference in unwashed vs washed fleece here.

Get the whole wool-washing experience here.

The premier wool and fleece expert, Deb Robson, likes Unicorn products.  I recently watched her video on rare breeds.  I was so much smarter after I watched it, and it made me want to collect fleeces of rare breeds.

She has done several Knitting Daily TV spots that can help us get a better handle on how to get the best results from our wool.  Check these out here and here.

And the very fabulous and famous, Clara Parkes of Knitter’s Review did a great article about her hands-on experience.

I am very impressed by this very detailed and quite scientific study from the author of the Sock PrOn blog.

How could I (almost) forget my friend Anne Hanson, designer, super-blogger and fiber goddess?  Here’s her initial post where she experiments with Unicorn herself, and here is a fun fiber festival post in which I washed some fleece at Anne’s glorious home.

And my recent blocking blog post.  One of these days I will wash the rest of my Coopworth lamb fleece and try to document the process so you can see the result.

Here are a couple more links, if you just can’t get enough.

Please comment with links if you have done a comparison of your own and posted about it, or have stumbled upon a good Unicorn-related post that I missed.  We love real world testimonials!  Also, let me know if, like me, you clicked on any of these links, got distracted by something pretty, and seconds later, became the proud owner of a new knitting pattern (what a great use for some handspun!) or some yarn or anything else!

I’ll leave you with a Gratuitous Flower Photo.  This is post-morning-thunderstorm, and I love how the sky looks.

Happy end of summer, everyone.


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I am Andrea Marquis, a manufacturer's rep in the fine handknitting yarn industry. I carry several high-end, boutique lines and I partner with the best yarn shops in Western PA, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Maryland. I am a lazy gardener and I love snorty little dogs

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  1. Your dog is very cute! I keep my Unicorn products by the sink too.


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