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“Fresh Fleece Spinning all Summer Long”

More happy Unicorn Products users.  We love the enthusiastic attitudes of our customers who have experienced for themselves the Next Generation of Fiber Cleaners.  If you want to see why they are so excited,  click here and get your own free samples to try!  From scouring raw fleece, to setting your handspun skein, to washing and blocking your finished piece, Unicorn enhances every step.

Have one of these at home? Make the most of your fiber experience with Unicorn Products.

Tried the samples you sent and I am completely and totally impressed. I washed some previously ‘washed’ fleece and was totally shocked by how much dirt and grease came out, and how easily. This is fantastic stuff!  
I purchased Power Scour for our small mill on recommendation from another mill and I love it.  It is a wonderful product, does a great job on all the alpaca fleeces we wash, is easy to rinse out, and leaves them wonderfully clean and soft.  If you have any doubts, let Unicorn Fibre prove itself.
Until now, I had used detergents and simmering hot water to scour my wool I wasn’t sure this product would live up to its “1 oz will scour 2 lbs” claim, so I started with the samples.  Holy cow!  I used the 1 oz sample to scour one pound of VERY GREASY/ WAXY fine diameter fleece two times (with cycles of rinsing in between) with only hot tap water–and the result is a snow white cloud of fiber without any stickiness at all, that really only needs the tips of the locks teased out to be ready to spin.  Came back today to order a bigger size, and am looking forward to fresh fleece spinning all summer long!

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  1. I gave out loads of free samples at Fibre East. People were happy to find a specialist product for washing raw fleece.


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