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A Beautiful Story of a Sweet Little Life

A tribute to Sakura, who was not with us very long, but reminds us about the specialness of life and caretaking.

Despite all of Anna’s efforts, Sakura did not make it.  I was honored to have been among her visitors, and I know she felt Anna’s love, all day, every day, during the short time she was in the world.  Sometimes sad things are so beautiful, and that’s how I feel about this exchange between Anna and Akiko.

Glen and Ako,

Little baby Sakura died this morning.  Her heart just gave out.  

Strange what happens and why each day shared in love should be cherished.  I knew that her heart was defective, but certainly wasn’t prepared to lose her so quickly (2 months) because of it.  I had her on Oxygen, etc. — ……..poor baby.  Yesterday, she was following me around the house and having much fun.  Then, at dusk every day Pino & I and all the “troops”  Willow, Kaya, Jasmine and Sakura, would follow us down the hill to the barn.  Everyone was so happy — 

Pino’s son Michael, his wife Flora and their two little girls were here and, although I’m not tied to one religion, I found great comfort in his strong beliefs and prayers to St. Francis of Assisi (while holding his hand over Sakura’s head) asking to help our little Sakura into Heaven.  The tears are welling up again:(

I wish you could have met her.

Love to you both,

Dear Anna,

My heart and thoughts are with you, Pino, and the rest of the family of  baby Sakura.

The cherry blossom Sakura in Japanese, is a very delicate flower that blooms for a very short time.
It represents the transience of nature and life. Despite its fragile life, we love and cherish Sakura
so much and always long for its blossoming.

Sakura gives us the deep messages of the changes of the seasons and reminds us of the hope,
 “Spring always comes no matter what”. Therefore we always have special feelings about Sakura.
Sakura has a everlasting beauty and eternal meaning of life that remains in the depth of our hearts.
So because of that, Sakura keeps blooming forever.  

feel the exact same for little baby Sakura.  I think I did meet her as she is already in my heart.  🙂

Lots of love, 

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  1. It sounds like Sakura landed in the right place for the brief time she was here. My religious beliefs are idiosyncratic, but they include St. Francis. And critter-spirits.


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