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These are the kind of comments that come in with orders…

…after someone has tried their free sample of Unicorn Power Scour, Fibre Wash, and Fibre Rinse.  Don’t you think you need your free sample today?  Click here and it will be on its way to you in no time!

This is not the sheep Jess is talking about, but a nice longwool at MD Sheep and Wool 2010.

Hi there: Received your samples, weighed out a pound of merino fleece (the sample was 1oz and packaging said 1oz could do 2 lbs, so I halved it in order to be able to scour the fleece twice)…am ASTONISHED by the results. That fleece has been sitting in the grease for two years (hey: stuff happens *smile*), and was not sweatered, skirted, or trimmed. We have an agricultural college at UNR, and these sheep’s wool is incidental to the meat production and vet training the students get (their wool is not their main purpose in this life, unfortunately, although we do pack it up and send it to the big auction house mill in SLC every spring; we are working on a merino breeding program at the Yerington farm, but that’s another ball of wax.) So: gross fleece (grease, wax, vegetable matter, the works). Once through the Unicorn Scour bath and a hot rinse and it was still a bit waxy, so I set it to soak again, using just hot tap water (~120F), and rinsed three times. The fiber is SNOW WHITE and the last thing I would ever call it is itchy! I have only handled Texel (rough, but sturdy, and easy to learn to spin with) and Dorper (softer, MUCH greasier, needed de-haired) before now, and NOW I know what all the Merino fuss is about. That fiber is SOFT, beautifully fine and crimped, and such a perfect pretty white I’m not even sure I’m going to dye it. (I held off on the fibre rinse until I decide, since it says to on the package…will the rinse affect the takeup of an acid dye?) Thank you so much for your MARVELOUSLY EFFECTIVE product!! Every bit as effective as a harsher detergent, but four times as efficient!! Cheers, Jess

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