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Another Use for Unicorn Products

Here is an interesting use for the Unicorn family of products.  I had not thought about the use in washing of fine housewares, but it makes total sense, since the high-end rugs are wool, and the cleaners are made especially for natural animal fibers.

Hi, My name is Paul Moskal, owner of Airloom Rug Washing Co. in Tucson AZ.  I have been using the Unicorn Fibre product line for a couple of years now.  The Fibre Wash and Fibre Rince have become staples to my rug washing process because I can trust them not only to clean them but make the wool have a nice hand after washing. My customers have been telling me for the last couple years,  “Our rugs didn’t look and feel this good when we bought them.”  I would not use anything else and I never run out.

Have you used Unicorn Fibre Products in an inventive or alternative way?  Send us your story!


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I am Andrea Marquis, a manufacturer's rep in the fine handknitting yarn industry. I carry several high-end, boutique lines and I partner with the best yarn shops in Western PA, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Maryland. I am a lazy gardener and I love snorty little dogs

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  1. Christina Jones

    I ran out of normal laundry power one day so used Unicorn Wash on a pile of dirty riding clothes – lots of mud and they came out smelling great & feeling really soft.


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