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Hello, and welcome to the new Unicorn Fibre blog!  Please visit with us often for hints on use of the Unicorn family of products, interviews with special guests, glimpses of life among the animals at the farm, contests, giveaways, and more.

Anna, Melanie, and myself will all be posting to the blog, so you will hear a few different voices.  We invite you to join the conversation through comments, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or all of the above!

For my inaugural post, I’d like to show you a little of my First Visit to Unicorn World Headquarters.  I had seen Anna and Pino at Maryland Sheep and Wool, then again at TNNA in Columbus, and we decided that I should “stop by” the farm on my way home to Pittsburgh.  I’m glad I did.  The tour was impressive–everything is beautiful there, I saw birds I had never seen before (next time I’ll bring the bird book, unless I get a cool bird identification app for the tablet.)  And I had my first baby alpaca close encounter!

Me and my new friend!

She is so beautiful, very friendly (because Anna has been bottle-feeding her–I’ll let Anna tell you the full story later) and her fleece is SO SOFT!  Hugging this baby was quite a treat for this girl from the suburbs!

The farm is home to many, many championship alpaca.  I was drooling a little bit (ok, a lot) to be in the midst of so many gorgeous fleeces.  To give you an idea of how nice they were, here’s a picture I like to call “A Bleep-load of Ribbons.”

A Bleep-load of Championship Ribbons!

Very impressive, no?

Then there’s this…

I can't remember if this is fleece from Tequila or Marseille. Look at that structure! Yum!

And then, Anna and Diane hooked me up with some fleece which I will gift to a nice new friend, along with some other special surprises.  I am recommending that they start a Championship Fleece Monthly Fiber Club for spinners and other fiber artists.  What do you think?  Leave a comment with your vote.

I also sneaked this picture of Willow in Pino’s office chair.  At least, I *think* it’s his chair…the Very Ferocious Willow looks mighty comfortable there.

The real boss of the operation?

When I figure out how to upload video from my tablet, I have a couple nice clips I will try to post.

In the meantime, did you know you can get a FREE SAMPLE of the Unicorn Wash, Rinse, and Power Scour?  If you love to wash your own fresh-from-the-farm fleeces at home, or if you have a mill, we would love to help you!

And lastly, here is a nice user testimonial…

I just tried Power Scour and wanted to ‘rave’ about it. First time we’ve had alpaca run so smoothly through the carding machine. Minimal wastage, hardly any static and super clean. Will be using from now on here at TizTeazles. Thank you so much for a great product.

Dawn A.

Everyone loves Unicorn Fibre products, and you will too!

See you next time, Andrea.

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I am Andrea Marquis, a manufacturer's rep in the fine handknitting yarn industry. I carry several high-end, boutique lines and I partner with the best yarn shops in Western PA, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Maryland. I am a lazy gardener and I love snorty little dogs

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  1. That fleece is superb! When I first started spinning alpaca I didn’t know good fleece from rubbish, so I struggled with the rubbish. I’d like to reach into the computer and feel that fleece!


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