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Another 5-star review!

Amazing stuff!

Product: Power Scour (16 oz)
Posted By: Diane D

This product is fantastic. I bought Power Scour in desperation after washing a fleece FOUR TIMES with dish soap, shampoo, and other detergents with little impact on the greasiness. Finally I gave up and spun it in the grease thinking I’d wash the yarn and it would go much better. Big surprise, the yarn was no easier to clean. Two tablespoons of Power Scour in my top-loading washer was enough to clean a sweater’s worth of greasy yarn into something lovely, soft, and ready to knit. The fiber isn’t dried out or brittle and it smells wonderful. Power Scour wasn’t harsh on my hands at all. You’ve earned yourself a convert for life! The samples of fibre wash and fibre rinse were fantastic too.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Diane! Thanks for taking the time to share such a wonderful review.


These boots are made for walkin’ — once more!

Isabella, a customer in the UK, recently bought a gift set of product from Unicorn Fibre’s sister company that focuses on leather cleaning and restoration, Leather Therapy. The set consists of 16 oz. of Leather Infusion Wash, 16 oz. of Leather Infusion Rinse,  2 oz. of Leather Therapy Restorer, a mesh washing bag and a complete washing instruction brochure.

It seems that Isabella’s beloved, and nearly new, boots got “into a terrible state over the winter, sitting in the bottom of a cupboard in an unheated room (inside the house, but it is very damp here right by the sea). It was very distressing seeing them like this, and I thought I may have lost them,” she relates.

“However, as you will see, the restoration has been a complete success,” Isabella continues. “There are a very few tiny white specks left where the mold had really taken hold, but they are hardly noticeable unless you look for them. Everything else has disappeared! Hooray!”

And since a picture’s worth 1,000 words — well, Isabella gave us 6,000 worth. We couldn’t be happier at her success, and thought we’d share with our Unicorn Fibre fans because it’s just about that time to get the boots out of the closet. You can bring them back to life quickly and easily!

A bonnie lass is Deb…

Deb RobsonDeborah Robson
 is spreading the Power Scour love around Scotland this fall, including:

We also encourage our Unicorn Fibre fans to check out Deb’s e-book, Dreaming of Shetland. The proceeds help her fund her research project on Shetland sheep and wool. Learn more at

Her one and only fibre wash

Here’s another happy customer sharing her experience of using Unicorn Fibre products. Thanks for spreading the word, Ada!

My new one-and-only fiber wash

Product: Fibre Wash (16oz)
Posted By: Ada

A while back, I acquired some handspun mohair from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it was filthy and smelly, but for some reason I kept it. I tried washing it with other fiber washes, but with little success. I got a free sample of all three Fibre products and tried them: – First, Power Scour – within just a few moments, dirt almost poured out of the yarn. I could not believe it.

I followed with Fibre Wash – again more dirt came out – and then the Fibre Rinse just let the yarn bloom. It is such a beautiful, natural color now …and so soft, I can’t believe it.

I’ve now just ordered 16 oz. bottles of each product – and can’t wait to rewash all of my daughter’s knit stuff that just came home from college (and which hadn’t been washed for an entire school year). This is now my one and only fibre wash product!!

Reaching for the ‘stars’…

From time to time, we receive great feedback from customers who post a review of our products online. We love and appreciate them all, but this recent one made us smile — Thanks, Lora, you’re a “star” in our book, too!

This should be a 10 STAR. It’s the best product out to wash fiber

Product: Power Scour & Rinse Gift Sets 4 oz (Case)
Posted By: Lora Goff

This product is the Best there is out there to wash all your fiber. The fiber comes out very clean, silky, and smells good too. I used to use Dawn and vinegar. I found it dried the fiber out too bad. Unicorn Fibre Wash and Power Scour and Fibre Rinse is the only way to go. In the long run you spend less using this product ;) Just Love it !!

Go away, grease!

Tess Farley, from Hastings, Neb., recently shared on Ravelry about her experience washing and drying a half-Romney, half-Blue-face Leister fleece:

“It had a lot of grease, grass and small sticks in it,” she notes, and then, posting these photos (that she has also shared with us!) …




“Here it is coming out of the washing machine and then going onto the electric Hamilton Beach sweater dryer. I used Power Scour to wash it, which is great stuff. The fleece came out very fluffy and clean. It should go through the picker and come out looking great.”

She went on to tell us directly, “In the past I have used Tide, Dawn, and Orvus, but none of them performed as fast and as well as the Power Scour! The fleece I used it on was the greasiest I have ever had, and the Power Scour effectively removed all the grease without damaging the fleece.”

That’s music to our ears. Thanks for sharing, Tess!

Colinton Australia: From humble hobby to fiber bliss

Next week, the Unicorn Fibre team will travel to Columbus, Ohio, for The National NeedleArts Association’s (TNNA’s) Summer NeedleArts Trade Show. We’ll be in Booth 529, but just a few rows over, in Booths 950-952, will be our friend Brandyn Oberhardt of  Colinton Australia. She’s flying in from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with her line of soft and colorful Unbrushed Mohair yarns.

As our founder and president, Anna Carner Blangiforti, notes, Brandyn has created her line completely from the ground up: “It’s a true life, hard work, gutsy story.”

Brandyn, an American who has lived Down Under since 1993, began raising goats on her farm back in 2004. It was, as she jokes, “an expensive, eccentric hobby.” She simply loves the animals — and was focused more on genetics than on byproducts until her mother, Julie, came in for a visit from the US. Julie, a knitter, suggested that their fiber could be turned into a luxurious, in-demand yarn.

With a lot of research, capital investment and the continuing learning curve, Brandyn and Julie turned a conversation into a national brand and a full-time business.

Although Julie has since retired from the company, she still lends Brandyn a hand whenever she is able. Brandyn’s husband, Steve, and daughters Katelyn and Maegen help out behind the scenes while Brandyn concentrates on evolving and expanding the brand. But the organization has grown to beyond just family members: There’s also a multitude of friends involved in production, test knitting and marketing.

“My first love is the goats; my second would be the challenge of brand and business development,” Brandyn notes. “I’ve learned every other aspect as things went along.”

The Unicorn Connection

In 2008, Brandyn and Julie met Anna at a TNNA show. Anna recalls being intrigued by their booth, “packed with lots of fiber, shawls and toys.”

Brandyn, meanwhile, says that was when she became “hooked” on the Unicorn Fibre and Power Scour lines.

“We love these products for preparing the yarns,” she explains. “In the last couple of years, we’ve had kits, and the Unicorn Fibre Sampler set was such a nice inclusion. Because the products finish the knitted garments so well, it is first thing we suggest to our customers when completing a project: Wash and BLOCK with Unicorn!”

New this year for Colinton Australia is a yarn base that is a 20% silk/80% young goat mohair spun in a 2-ply lace weight. There are also now hand-painted “tonal” versions of some of the company’s color palettes.

“It will be fun to observe the response of some of the new variegated options that I am introducing at the show,” Brandyn adds.


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